Entry #1


2008-06-04 10:27:32 by RandomSanta

Life is real bull shit when every one is making such a fucking huge deal about 1 fucking animation.
Damn shit heads.


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2008-06-04 17:27:39

they're new fags. they're idiots. don't worry about it though. you were just tring to help.

also, please don't leave the thread. you were one of the last remaining hopes for the thing. D:


2008-06-04 17:34:43

wolfmaydie is right. we need you. i cant do anything in pivot but im trying to learn. please dont leave. please?


2008-06-10 22:28:13

Life can be a real pain sometimes, but if you look up and just stare at the sky(omg rly corny) you can find some peace, and that you know some people don't have taste in anything at all-quoted by me,Teh Udon. O btw i wanna join this pivot group >-<

RandomSanta responds:

Feel free to join it. Just go follow this link, read the rules and have fun.

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/919522/1