Starting over

2008-06-21 07:37:49 by RandomSanta

Ever had one of those times when your making an awesome animation, but then the program crashes on you? Yeah I just had one of those moments. I didn't overreact like some people. I just start again. And after a few hours the outcome became much better. So starting over can be a good thing some times.


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2008-07-02 02:26:36

Unless you had a 1000 frame animation. THAT would suck.

RandomSanta responds:

Funny that you mentioned that.


2008-08-08 16:57:22

I absoutely know what you're talking about.

I decided to make a Fullbody eztoon with a complicated background, and I was about 40 frames in when the computer just shut down.

The only difference was that I was one of those "other people".

AGGGHAH FFFFFF %^&($(^&$ ^%(^($ *^&*( ()&* ## %$

It wasn't pretty. But what made you bring that up?

RandomSanta responds:

Finally got a decent animation made. About 110 frames and my computer crashed. Really pissed me off. Oh I just found out it was an update that crashed my computer.. wow. I'm annoyed.