Pivot - Animating Program

2010-01-27 14:28:31 by RandomSanta

You guys heard of it?
Easy animating software used to make stick animations and even more if you're extremely creative.
My friend and I are sharing a website, specifically targeted at people who enjoy animating in pivot. We also do art flash, easytoon etc.

Come join:

http://www.the-pivot-forum.com/forum.p hp


2009-04-02 16:10:34 by RandomSanta

Nothing is healthy and delicious.

Thats right, I quit. Wish me luck and hopefully you will see me in the asian brigade xD.

Starting over

2008-06-21 07:37:49 by RandomSanta

Ever had one of those times when your making an awesome animation, but then the program crashes on you? Yeah I just had one of those moments. I didn't overreact like some people. I just start again. And after a few hours the outcome became much better. So starting over can be a good thing some times.


2008-06-04 10:27:32 by RandomSanta

Life is real bull shit when every one is making such a fucking huge deal about 1 fucking animation.
Damn shit heads.